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People & Activities

CSR: The sustainable business practices which lie at the heart of Corporate Social Responsibility reflect Johawaki Group's core values and are fundamental to our approach.

CODE OF CONDUCT: Our Performance-based Core Values

  • Peak performance: We aim for peak performance through the continuous development of our business practices and know-how, and aspire to position ourselves over the long term as a leading provider in our areas of activity. We see mistakes as a chance for further improvement.
  • Teamwork: We achieve more for our stakeholders if we combine our individual and collective strengths and capabilities and through worldwide collaboration across multiple areas of business.
  • Engagement: We acknowledge the contribution of individuals to our current and future success and endeavour to appraise these contributions objectively.
  • Risk culture: We enter into risks consciously, circumspectly and in a disciplined manner. To protect our stakeholders and their interests, we place great value on independent risk management and on compliance and review procedures with clear management responsibility.
  • Profitability/commercial success: We are committed to sustained profitability which will enable us to implement our strategies, make longterm investments, offer our employees a fair salary and offer our shareholders an attractive return on their investment.