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The periodic maintenance works shall comprise the following:

  1. Preventive maintenance works

  2. Pavement strengthening of roads

  3. Normal preventive maintenance works on all roads, including resurfacing and all other associated works.



Type of Works

Pavement Works  Non-Pavement Works
  • Resurfing of road pavement surface and sealed road shoulders
  • Road widening
  • Upgrading the road
  • Reconstruction of road

  • Drains and curvelets - repair/reconstruct/build new
  • Upgrading the drain and culvert at flooding area.
  • Slope repair (shoulder, cut slope and embankment)
  • Repair of road furniture - replace and installation of new guardrails, delineator posts, signboards, road studs, roadline painting, road kerbs
  • Repair of traffic light
  • Clearing the domestic waste
  • Clearing the blockage culvert as required
  • Clearing the potential fallen tree
  • Clearing the potential hazard to the users
  • improvement on road safety